« Take this book in your hands, dear member of the ‘Groups Gospel and Mission’.

Open it as a guide to life, with confidence and joy. Through it, the Gospel knocks at your door.

You will not find that it is a straight jacket to restrick your life, nor a boundary that frustrates your desires, but Jesus’ gentle and exacting invitation to ‘follow Him more closely’.

If you want to live a human life in God’s sight and bring the entire world to the Easter light, freely take this road which is ancient yet, always new and which opens today at your feet. »

Rule of life, extract of the preface

  • Open this book in confidence and joy: is it not the same invitation made to Noah, Abraham and Moses and to each person with whom the Lord enters a relationship?
  • The Gospel knocks at your door: the Gospel is Jesus Christ, God’s Word….
  • And God’s call is neither a straight jacket, nor a muzzle but a gentle invitation however exacting it is. Because there are demands indeed…
  • To live the human life in God’s sight and bring the entire world to the Easter light: to everyone of us, this call is made for the whole world. It is a promise of immense fruitfulness: it does not concern only our street, our village, or our friends. It concerns the whole world. This ambition is not too high: it is the reality of God’s call that a personal call is for the whole world. It is the essence of the consecrated life: to be consecrated to God means to be consecrated for the whole world.