Catégorie : The Institute

A project, a grace

The female Institute of the Heart of Jesus welcomes celibate women or widows who, faithful to their baptism, answer a particular call…

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Institute of the Heart of Jesus

Un Institut séculier féminin Celibat women or widows called by Christ to make him the radical gift of all their being, and to live like him completely in the world, where they can witness God’s tenderness. With an Ignatian spirituality and from the Heart of Jesus Living with the spirit of St Ignatius in the Heart of Jesus and in the heart of the world to love and serve him. Belonging to the Cor Unum Famil Brothers and sisters – belonging to a secular institute of priests, to a male secular institute and to a society of evangelical life –  with whom we...

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Heart of Jesus

The Revelation of the Heart of Jesus, God’s image that no one can see and which is a demonstration of his tenderness, constitutes the summit of the divine work. In him we contemplate both the accomplished expression of the divine message and the source of life. Contemplating the Heart of Jesus as the center of His person -where His love for his Father and for the world is situated- leads us to the contemplation of Him whom we have pierced and whose side was opened, as shown by the Gospel of John. This is the reason why Father of...

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